How secure is SwitchVPN?

SwitchVPN (website) offers a simple, downloadable virtual private network (VPN) that’s compatible with a variety of operating systems. The service gives unlimited bandwidth availability, and allows P2P and torrent,while providing virtually 100% server uptime. This service also offers opportunities to use a proxy feature from within the encrypted VPN tunnel, although SwitchVPN don’t provide the proxies.

The company offers three different price plans, a basic package, combination plan and a plan aimed specifically at business users. The combination plan allows two simultaneous connections from different devices, while the business package gives ten simultaneous connections. All three plans are compatible on any device, including Android and iPhone. Support is available via instant chat and email ticketing, as well as additional help and guides provided on the website. It only takes a few minutes to download the software and users can then connect into the service and take full advantage of the anonymity offered by virtual private networks.

Once the user is connected to the SwitchVPN service a new IP address is allocated that is not owned by the user’s ISP. From that point onwards all internet traffic is encrypted via the VPN internet tunnel, this ensures the ISP is unable to monitor or control internet use in any way and ensures user privacy. The choice of protocol selected influences encryption and security levels achieved by customers.More about SwitchVPN

Customers based in locations that censor website use will find all ISP blocks are removed when they register with VPN services and they can surf the internet freely and access their favourite websites. Television and movie channels that are restricted to browsers living in certain areas of the world can all be unlocked once the VPN is logged in, as users have the ability to access servers in specific geographic locations that give IP addresses enabling full access. Here is a Review of Switch VPN.

Users of the SwitchVPN service can benefit from 128/256-bit encryption depending upon protocols used and the company takes user security and anonymity very seriously, destroying all logs after a 24-hour period. Independent speed tests on servers within the network showed impressive speed achievements from servers within 700 miles of user location, though the closer the server is to the user’s physical location the faster the speed achievement will be. Servers are currently located in 17 different countries, while the company head office is located in Mumbai, India.

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