How secure is StrongVPN?How secure is StrongVPN?

Registering for virtual private networking with StrongVPN is quite straightforward and the service is available for many systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. The website provides customer tutorials for easy download of relevant software and has 24/7 technical support available via the website’s instant chat service. Although StrongVPN don’t offer trials of the […]

How secure is SwitchVPN?How secure is SwitchVPN?

SwitchVPN (website) offers a simple, downloadable virtual private network (VPN) that’s compatible with a variety of operating systems. The service gives unlimited bandwidth availability, and allows P2P and torrent,while providing virtually 100% server uptime. This service also offers opportunities to use a proxy feature from within the encrypted VPN tunnel, although SwitchVPN don’t provide the […]

How safe is Invisible Browsing VPN?How safe is Invisible Browsing VPN?

Invisible Browsing VPN (ibVPN) provide internet users with a complete solution to security, anonymity and censorship problems. Opportunities to conduct invisible browsing allow users to regain freedom of the internet, with no tracking of activities, unlimited server switches and unlimited bandwidth allocations. IbVPN offer customers a two hour free trial of the service prior to […]

How secure is VPN Tunnel from Sweden?How secure is VPN Tunnel from Sweden?

VPNTunnel is a fairly new virtual private network (VPN) provider, based in Sweden. At present the company has servers located in five European countries, but has plans to increase this number significantly. Getting connected to VPNTunnel is simply a matter of ordering and paying for the service, waiting for email confirmation and then logging in. […]